Perfect Posture Online is an educational system for retraining posture.

It uses simple neurological principles that naturally align your body in the way it was designed to move.

Who is Perfect Posture Online For?

Perfect Posture Online is for you if you are someone who suffers from back or neck pain, but it really is an educational system for everybody; for you and all your family.

Posture is something that is not taught very well (and for many people, not at all).

This information is something that we all need to know and should be basic self care.

Perfect Posture Online Teaches

  • WHAT good posture really is (clue: it's not about pulling your shoulder back, in fact it's not about how you position yourself at all)
  • WHY good posture is vital to maintaining mobility into old age
  • HOW to apply the principles of good posture throughout your daily life without having to think about it and how to prevent yourself from getting back pain.

Perfect Posture Online Consists Of

Six easy to learn principles in six modules over six weeks that rebuild how your spine moves with simple exercises that you apply throughout your day.

Once you have changed your habits, you no longer have to think about your posture because this program works neurologically to change how the reflexes that hold you upright are working.

Who We Are

Dr Tony Tranfield is an osteopath who practices in Narrabeen Sydney Australia. The practice has a special interest in neurological rehabilitation of movement conditions.

Perfect Posture Online  is our foundational course.

It is foundational because it teaches how to the spine moves and how to activate it properly when standing, sitting or lifting.

We use it as part of the rehabilitation in our chronic back pain program and in the early stages of rehabilitation for patients with balance problems.

How Perfect Posture Online Was Developed

Originally part of a rehabilitation program for patients with chronic back pain, this educational series has been further developed from the computerised postural analysis of hundreds of patients over the last 10 years.

It is not a system that teaches you what you 'should' be doing in different situations, because that requires thought, and will inevitably fall by the wayside when you are engaged in another task.

Instead, this system teaches you what your postural system is, how it works and how, by moving in ways that engage your postural reflexes that we teach you with simple exercises, you can support your spine, and engage your postural system properly without ever having to think about it.

So, whether you are someone who simply wants to improve your posture, or a chronic back pain sufferer who wants to understand better the nature of your condition and find the right professional to help you, Perfect Posture Online is the tool to help you!

Currently available to patients of Beaches Osteopathic Centre. this program will soon be available to the general public.

Expected release date: 16 November 2020. Register your interest below, for a special introductory offer and we will email you when it becomes available.

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Expected release March 2021
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